C.O.W. 牛

C.O.W. 牛 are a German-Chinese electronic act and digital art project. Not only does their music reflect a new zeitgeist, but also their appearance and form. 

The identities of their members dissolve into the artistic persona C.O.W. 牛. They produce mostly instrumental electronic music, which spans from obscure jazz interludes to electrified club beats.  

C.O.W. 牛 decided to remain anyonymus because it's necessary. There is a cowspiracy out there.

Features on Spotify's Fresh Finds playlist, Bandcamp,  ARTE Tracks and most recently a shoutout from Gilles Peterson on BBC Radio 6 Music led to increasing international attention. Therefore it is not a surprise that they're signed to the legendary trip hop label Compost Records.

Their music is accompanied by a strong visual concept. Performing behind 8bit-pixel-masks and utilising their self-made visuals they provide for a rich live-experience and unfold the strong persona of C.O.W. 牛. Bold, cheeky and extravagant, these artists created their own genre – called Internet.